The Interaction Design Centre is available for consultancy and training sessions.

We draw from our experience of  25 years of research and education in the areas of Human-Computer Interaction, Interaction Design and Interactive Media Design in conducting feasibility studies, evaluation studies, research and benchmarking, design and innovation work and delivery of training packages.

Some of the settings we have experience in include:

– safety critical systems and control systems;
– museums, exhibitions and other heritage sites;
– public and community spaces;
– healthcare;
– software development and media industries;
– group work, groupware and collaborative work and leisure environments

Our expertise includes extensive knowledge of:

  • methodologies for the understanding of human activities in context,
  • creative design techniques, design games, creative workshops;
  • prototyping techniques,
  • evaluation tools,
  • UX audit, design thinking, UX training
  • group facilitation and coordination services (both online and in presence)
  • communication strategies through different media platforms
  • data visualization, interactive visualizations.

For enquiries please contact