UX audit, design thinking, UX training

UX Audit

We will visually inspect your product’s interface for usability issues and areas for improvement. A thorough design review is especially useful if you are trying to decide on a new strategy for your user experience. Our independent position allows us to evaluate how your design works from a fresh perspective.

Steps in the UX audit (can be requested individually)

  1. Heuristic evaluation
    1. We review metrics and key usability factors that affect the customer’s experience.
  2. Expert UX review
    1. We develop hypotheses as to why visitors perform the way they do, and not in the way the company expects them to.
  3. Usability testing
    1. Validate design concepts, prototypes or ideas at each and every stage of the product design. 

Design thinking

Design thinking is a structured process to design solutions for the complex problem’s businesses face today.

Understanding your customers’ thoughts, motivations, actions help you to design better digital products, services, and experiences. Today’s most successful and innovative organizations are focused on being customer-centric, and yours can be too.

Steps in Design thinking:

  1. Customer empathy
    1. To deep dive into your customer’s needs and identify opportunities, through interviews, ethnographic research and customer mapping. 
  2. Prototyping and validation
    1. Turning gathered insights into prototypes to create the right solutions for the right problem, through concept development and creation.

UX training

Acquaint your teams with the principles of user-centred design and UX tools and techniques that you can use. 

  1. UX research methods and planning
  2. User experience basics
  3. Visual design
  4. Prototyping
  5. Promoting UX across your organization.

Contact: Nicola LeGear