Daniela Petrelli visiting the IDC

Daniela Petrelli visiting the IDC


Daniela Petrelli from the University of Sheffield is visiting the IDC as part of the “Memoir” Project.
At Sheffield, Daniela teaches electronic publishing, digital multimedia and web-design.
Her current research interests are:
– information access, including multilingual (searching information in many languages) and multimedia (particularly historical archives of images and videos);
– information and knowledge management for sharing in manufacturing (Rolls Royce jet engine design, building and worldwide maintenance);
– personal digital memories.

Daniela moved to the UK in 2000 and previously I was a researcher at IRST in Trento, Italy where she did research on adaptive and mobile guides for museums, natural-language based interaction, intelligent interface interaction.
In a far past (1990-1993) she was at the Italian Telecon Research centre and worked on CSCW and teleconferencing systems mainly doing interface design and development.

The Memoir project will last for 4 years and is about the capturing, storage, organization, retrieval and sharing of multimedia personal memories. Personal memories are intended at large: email, documents (word, excel, powerpoint), messages on the phone, personal pictures, videos etc. Accessing means not today but in 10, 20 or more years time.
Several people are involved:
– 4 academics from the University of Sheffield (Daniela is one of those)
– 3 research associates (just recruited, 1 HCI, 1 Video/Image, 1 IR)
– 3 senior visiting fellows for 3 months on: ethics of memories, psychology of memories, social history.

Daniela’s interest in the project is about sharing memories in a family context across different generations (children, parents, grandparents but siblings and cousins are welcome too 😉
The goal is to design a something to facilitate the capturing composition and sharing of the memories across generations of tightly connected people.