Hosted by the Interaction Design Centre and the Irish Museums Association

University of Limerick, Ireland

May 26-27, 2011


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In 2005 “Re-Thinking Technology in Museums” brought together a group of academics and practitioners discussing novel ways of conceptualizing the museum experience in light of the presence of interactive technologies. The 2nd edition of this conference on the theme of “Emerging Experience” will further the discussion on novel approaches for understanding people’s experiences in museums and galleries, and for designing interactive technologies to support these experiences.

In recent years, the increased presence of mobile smart appliances such as smart phones, and the growth of social media and social networks have impacted on the strategies deployed by museums and exhibition sites to invite, engage and connect with visitors and stakeholders.

It’s important to reflect on how museums/galleries and visitors have been affected from an experiential point of view: what have museums and galleries become? And what about the role of visitors? How are meaningful and rewarding experiences emerging in this context?