Z-Tiles/SOS (Completed Project)

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The Self Organising Sensors (SOS) project is a follow-on project from the Z-Tiles project run by the Interaction Design Centre. Both SOS and Z-Tiles are collaboration projects between the IDC and MIT MediaLab Europe (MLE) in Dublin. The objective of the project is to develop a pressure sensitive floorspace which can be used for dance and other applications. The floorspace itself is to be made up of individual pressure sensing units called Z-Tiles which interlock with each other. These interlocking tiles form a self-organising network to allow the pressure data to be extracted from a single point on the floor instead of from each tile individually. While the focus of the original Z-Tiles project was the development of the pressure sensors themselves, the SOS project has moved on from this to a focus on the network protocols to support an interconnected tiled floorspace. Project personnel include those with backgrounds in electronics, computer science, art and music.

Duration: 1 January, 2002 -> 31 December, 2002

Webpage: www.idc.ul.ie/ztiles/

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Main contact in IDC:

e: mikael.fernstrom@ul.ie

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