Visibreath (Completed Project)

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The Visibreath project is funded under the Research Innovation fund of Enterprise Ireland. The project aims to develop a fully working prototype of an input device allowing users to control digital parameters in multimedia applications with their breath. The flow of breath can also be recorded and further analysed. The project is based on a working early prototype developed over the past number of years in the Interaction Design Centre. The project makes use of an innovative approach to flow sensing, using a Piezo film sensor housed in a hollow tube. This system has a number of advantages over systems currently in use. The system does not suffer from the drawbacks which affect current systems. The Visibreath sensor provides an accurate, sensitive and stable input device, which is unnafected by environmental factors, and which will retain its calibration even after long-term use. It also has the potential of providing the most competitive solution to breath-sensing requirements for low-cost applications.

Duration: 1 September, 2002 -> 1 September, 2004

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