NomadS (Completed Project)

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The NomadS Project (“Re-Shaping spaces into Places for Nomadic Users of Interactive Artefacts”) ran from 2004 to 2006. It investigated how nomadic workers conduct their daily activities through a variety of locations, how they make a work-place of these locations and what tools and information they need and use within each. As people move through different spaces, they associate to each different sets of meanings, activities and values. Also, they take advantage of the particular resources each location has to offer. Instead of the current paradigm of “everything, everywhere”, we are interested in developing interactive artefacts that would adapt their function and appearance according to the place. In this respect, our work was based on the notion of “place”: the concept of a space that includes dimensions of use by its inhabitants. The relationship between people and the physical environment is an experienced one which it is articulated around the presence of others, the physical layout of a locale, people’s individual and cultural features. Some of the activities that the project engaged in were: * studies of nomadic work practices * evaluation of existing mobile technologies * design and development of prototypes of interactive artefacts The NomadS project was funded by Science Foundation Ireland and IRCSET within the Basic Research Grant scheme.

Duration: 1 October, 2004 -> 1 October, 2006

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