MetaMusic (Completed Project)

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MetaMusic was a Video-Driven Soundtrack Composition System that Utilized Video Stream Event Detection And Automated Music Generation, this project was funded by an Enterprise Ireland Innovation Partnership Project. Current soundtrack composition practice relies on either the use of a contracted composer or the use of music excerpt libraries. Both approaches incur significant related costs, such as royalties and musicians copyrights issues (IMRO), etc. This project developed a new approach for the generation of genre specific music which was influenced by visual features of the selected video stream. A new direct control approach for the marking of events was developed as part of the interface. A number of approaches for the music generation were investigated and focused on heuristic and statistical techniques. This project has been licensed to Abaltat and is commercialised in their Muse product line.

Duration: 7 August, 2008 -> 1 October, 2006

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