Muftah Fraifer

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Muftah Fraifer received his B.Sc. degree in Electronics Engineering from University of Benghazi, Libya in 2005 and obtained his M.Sc degree in Electronics from Nottingham Trent University , UK in 2008. He is currently pursuing a PhD within the Interaction Design Centre at University of Limerick.

Project details:

.Design, implement, verify, validate, test and evaluate an smart parking system utlizing CCTVs  facilitating provision of mobile services within a university campus.

.Elaborate a full functional description of a pilot mobile service, e.g. the Car Parking Locator & Reservation service, and describe the system entities’ interaction.

.Design the underlined network architecture and describe its functioning collaboration in the service provision. Investigate optimization algorithms, e.g. for finding the ‘best’ parking space in accordance with the user context. Consider and compare possible system implementation approaches; select and justify the use of one of them.

.Build and demonstrate a fully operational ‘proof-of-concept’ prototype system. Run system trials with users and collect feedback from them for possible enhancement of the system.


Engineering theoretical issue (s) addressed:

Formal system designing; optimization of system parameters;    integration of different technologies into a complete system; engineering methods for system verification, validation, testing, and evaluation.


Conference papers (ACCEPTED) :

.Fraifer.M,. Fernström,M ,”Smart Car parking locator system with user needs in focus” ,Intel Ireland Research Conference 2014,The Internet of things track , Dublin

.Fraifer.M,. Fernström,M , ” Smart Car parking system prototype utilizing CCTVs” NUIG/UL Alliance April 21st, 2015 ,National university of Ireland-Galway, Galway


Papers (works in progress) : 

.Hasenfuss,H,.Fraifer M.,Fernstrom M.”Impact of IoT of little fluffy clouds: INTERNET OF THINGS        PROSPECTIVE PREVIEW, CHALLENGES AND FUTURE VISION OF APPLICATIONS”

. Fraifer.M :Review of smart parking systems ” (unpublished)


.Fraifer.M,. Fernström,M , ” Smart Car parking system prototype utilizing CCTVs” NUIG/UL Alliance April 21st, 2015 ,National university of Ireland-Galway,Galway

.Fraifer.M,.Fernström,M ,”Smart Car parking locator system prototype” , Intel Ireland Research Conference 2014,The Internet of things track , Dublin-Ireland,18-11-2014


“Smart Car parking locator system prototype” , PhD-MaY-DaY, IDC-CSIS Dublin-Ireland,20-05-2015

Courses taken: 

.Java programming language course, Limerick College Further Education,QQI/FETAC Level 5,May 2014 Limerick-Ireland, (Distinction )

.” Enabling Technologies for internet of things”, University of Ulster, from 17th  of June to 21th -2013 ,Londonderry, Northern Ireland The UK.

Summer school /workshops attended: 

. Workshop  “Editing & Proofreading” Thursday 24th-9:30am -4:30pm , F10-30, Universirty of Limerick ,Limerick

.Generic &Tranderrable skills workshops, Reference mangement (EndNote), Universirty of Limerick ,29-01-2016

.Professional Visability and Networking Skills” Being strategic about networking saves time, effort and maximises impact”, for PhD students ,Female Emporement in Science and Technology Academia,University of Limerick,Liemrick .9th of June 2015.

.Generic &Tranderrable skills workshops, Reaserch quesnnaire Design / Introduction to Data Anaylsis using SPSS, University of Limerick,Liemrick .2nd of June 2015.


.The 1st International summer school on Nanocommuncations,Tampre University  Technology ,Tampre,Finland ,21-23 May-2013 (certificate of attendance)

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e: Interaction Design Centre Computer Science Building CS2-035
e: Department of Computer Science and Information Systems
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