Annette Aboulafia

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Dr. Annette Aboulafia has been/is a researcher in the Interaction Design Centre since 2002. She holds a Ph.D. in Psychology from Copenhagen University, and was an Associate Professor at Roskilde University, DK, for many years before she moved to Ireland. She is/has been research manager for a number of research projects in the IDC:
2007-2009: MedCap (Competence Assessment for Spinal Anaesthesia). Leonardo da Vinci, Lifelong             Learning Programme.
2007 – ongoing: “What-do-I-call-you-mum”. In collaboration with Prof. N. Engelsted, University of                 Copenhagen, and Prof.A. Poulsen, University of  Roskilde,
2003-2008: EU Network of Excellence KALEIDOSCOPE
a) European Research Team: Educational Formats
b) Learning in the medical sector:
2006-2007: DBMT (Design Based Medical Training) project. Collaboration with Cork University Hospital
2005-2006: Action research on sustainable development indicators. Co-ordinated by Centre for                         Environmental Research (CER)
2004-2005: Deerpark, Shannon Development.
2002-2003: MMS – Enhancing Browsing Behavior using Multimodal Systems. Enterprise Ireland.
Her main research areas has been in the areas of General Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Work and Organisational Psychology, and Philosophy of Science. She has previously worked on three EU ESPRIT projects – all concentrated around different aspects of new technology and working life issues. Her Ph.D. focus on the cognitive (HCI) and the social (CSCW) aspects of human work activity medicated by IT.

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