Anders Sigfridsson

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Anders was a PhD student, supervised by prof. Liam Bannon. He has worked on the socGSD project until it’s completion and is now involved in the FutureCOMM project.
Anders academic background is a master of science from the systems analysis program at Umeå University, Sweden (finished 2006). The main topic was informatics (information systems) and the program basically focused on the use and design of information systems and technology within socio-technical, societal, and organisational contexts. He has also studied philosophy/theory of science, as well as psychology and business logic. His bachelors’ thesis was focused on information flows and supply chain management, whereas his master’s thesis was about cooperation in GSD projects.
The themes of Anders research within the socGSD project include collaborative work practices, knowing and learning in practice, distributed communities of practice (including Open Source communities), and the role of information technology use. The PhD thesis has focused on informal learning processes embedded in software development practice in the context of distributed projects. He applied ethnographically-informed research methods for his field studies, relying mainly on participant observation and in situ interviews.
In the FutureCOMM project, Anders is involved in the empirical, conceptual work focused on user appropriation trends and hacker culture, as well as in the user research and prototyping work of the technological strand.
Other academic interests include computer-supported cooperative work, as well as research methods and philosophy of science. Anders also have a large interest in video games research, ranging from Interaction Design and HCI perspectives on games design to Media Science and Game Studies perspectives on video games as a medium and a cultural phenomenon.

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Interaction Design Centre,
Engineering Research Building,
Room ERB1002,
University of Limerick

t: +353 (0)86 23 33 625
t: +353 (0)61 202699


w: Games in the information society (CS4003 Autumn 2008)
w: Video games – an interactive medium (CS4031 Autumn 2008)