Damyanka Tsvyatkova

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After receiving a B.Sc. (Hons) in Digital Media Design from the University of Limerick, Damyanka is now furthering her studies by carrying out PhD research at the Interaction Design Centre. Her research interests include Human Computer Interaction (HCI), Child Computer Interaction (CCI), eHealth, Persuasive Technology (PT) and Captology.

Her project is financed by the Irish Research Council EMBARK initiative. The purpose of her PhD is to study: 1) the role and design of assistive Information Communication Technology (ICT) for children with type 1 diabetes and 2) reflection on the role of Persuasive Technologies (PT) and on Participatory Design (PT) methodologies in personal health. Her research is primarily concerned with everyday activities, with a particular focus on the problems experienced by affected individuals, especially children, during their self-care practices, and design of novel PT.

Persuasive Technology seems to offer great potential for improving treatment, helping to educate users about their illness and encouraging them to engage in self-monitoring and self-care activities. Her goal is to increase the self-efficacy of children and obtain successful behavioural modification to achieve better health outcomes, and by extension avoiding the risks and complications that arise from the improper care of diabetes.

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CS2 034

Interaction Design Centre

University of Limerick


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