Mikael Fernström


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Flash, ActionScipt

Source code


  Simple intro. 4 buttons, move a graphic symbol, change colour of a graphic symbol tutorial01.fla.zip demo
  Clock analog, digital, start, stop reset clock.fla.zip demo
  Escaping button dabutton.fla.zip demo
Sound example, simple mixer with looping
Sound01.zip + flasher.fla.zip
  mp3 player using playlist in xml file Softplayer.zip demo
  Glass filling animation with controls for fill/empty and speed glass.fla.zip demo
  Balloon, inflating and popping, sound balloon.zip demo
  Soundblobs, mp3 playing via xml file, dynamic interaction soundblobs.zip demo
  Myvideo03, play and wobble 4 video loops, one follows the cursor. myvideo03.zip demo
  Flash -> PD communication via sockets socket01.zip (860k)  
  Flash simple music player demo06.fla.zip  

Pure Data/GEM

  NLUTDS PD patch Softday_Bacterial_Ensemble.zip  
  Some ways to play sound playsoundexample.zip