Professor Parnas’ talk

Professor Parnas’ talk

Yesterday, UL organised a lecture (and a reception) to celebrate the IEEE Computer Society’s 60th Anniversary Award made to Professor David Lorge Parnas.

Hosted by Prof. Vincent Cunnane, UL’s VP Research, the event included two talks, one by David Parnas himself and one by Fionn Murtagh, the new Director of ICT at the Science Foundation Ireland.

The title of Prof. Parnas‘ talk was:
‘Getting Lucky’ in Software Engineering Research. He spoke about his most important accomplishments and tried to explain the pattern of his successes, but also tackled a number of “sins”in software engineering research (reacting to symptoms rather than cases, reacting to papers not to real problems, reacting to funding buzzwords).
While criticizing simplistic experiments and interviews as reliable research methods(“people ask people things and they believe them!“), Prof. Parnas mentioned: “That’s one of the reasons why I always enjoyed having Liam Bannon around – he’s a psychologist! he knows better than that”.

Professor Fionn Murtagh presented a briefing entitled “An ICT View of the Current Conjuncture and the Topology of Innovation”, providing some interesting insights into current and future priorities for the SFI in the ICT field.

Update- amateur recordings of the two talks are available here: